DIG/XYYZY partners with Immutable X to build next-gen NFT games

Leading Web 3 solutions company DIG/XYZZY has partnered with Immutable X, a leading layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs on the Ethereum network.

DIG/XYYZY officially partners with Immutable X


Through this strategic partnership, current DIG/XYZZY products such as its flagship Realms of Ethernity MMORPG game and other future offerings will be deployed on Immutable X to bring unrivaled gaming experience to players. It will also help increase brand awareness for both parties, amongst other cross-promotional benefits.


The innovative Immutable X protocol is reputable for facilitating cost-efficient NFT minting and trading, instant trade confirmation, massive scalability, Ethereum-grade security, and carbon-neutrality.


With these dominant features, the DIG/XYZZY team is thrilled and confident that the partnership will drive momentum and engagement for our web-3-focused products as we remain resolute in our vision of global empowerment through blockchain, DeFi, and the financialization of gaming.

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