Nexo Ventures Joins Forces with P2E Upstart Realms of Ethernity

Nexo Ventures — the in-house Web3-focused investment and acquisition fund of the leading regulated institution for digital assets Nexo — has confirmed their strategic investment in Realms of Ethernity (RoE), one of the most popular and most highly anticipated blockchain games in the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming industry.

Nexo Ventures Joins Forces with P2E Upstart Realms of Ethernity


The news follows Nexo’s recently formed collaboration with RoE founders XYZZY, the Miami-based metaverse GameFi firm that is employing blockchain technology to change the game industry.


Nexo Ventures is able to invest in RoE thanks to this long-term cooperation. RoE, besides being the world’s first triple A-quality, P2E, nonfungible token massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, is also a sophisticated, rich, third-person open world designed with Unity 3D and excellent audio-visual quality, giving players complete control over the game’s components.


Nexo and Realms of Ethernity investment confirmed


RoE token holders will now possess the ability to lend, stake, and trade using digital wallets on Nexo’s platform, allowing the community access to a user-friendly platform that offers them rapid and efficient access to their tokens while storing them on one of the industry’s most secure platforms.


“It is only natural for two of the biggest names in GameFi these days — Nexo and RoE — to partner up at this crucial time in Realms’ development with GameFi taking the blockchain world by storm,” said Haydn Snape, founder and CEO of Dubai’s Decentralized Investment Group, owner of GameFi subsidiary XYZZY. “We have just had the RETH token trending when it was listed this week as number one on both DEXTools and Uniswap, continuing to break records everywhere. And now we get to offer our token holders access to Nexo. This is incredibly exciting for us.”


Last month, an initial game offering (IGO) for RoE’s pre-launch tokens was held, which broke records in selling time on multiple launchpads, defining the IGO as one of the most successful in P2E history. Subsequently, the Nexo partnership will drive the game and its users to even greater success.


$RETH token sold out on multiple launchpads, breaking records


Nexo’s search for perfection, from product development to global licensing, has resulted in a new generation of professional financial services for digital assets, empowering RETH token holders to participate in the better, fairer financial system that crypto has constructed.


Nexo promises that token holders’ assets will be safe and conveniently as well as instantly accessible, providing them with more efficient ways to transfer or manage their funds


“The crypto P2E-gaming community requires access to financial tools — tools that resemble those available in the world of traditional finance — that make their gaming experience accessible, seamless and convenient,” said Tatiana Metodieva, head of Nexo Ventures and corporate finance at Nexo. “Not only can we help provide these tools, we are committed to investing in and developing the entire GameFi metaverse economy and ecosystem — and that’s exactly what we’ve done with XYZZY and RoE.”


About Nexo


Nexo is the world’s leading regulated digital assets institution. The company’s mission is to maximize the value and utility of cryptocurrencies by offering an exchange service with 300-plus market pairs, tax-efficient Instant Crypto Credit Lines, a high-yield Earn Crypto Interest suite and sophisticated trading and over-the-counter capabilities while providing top-tier custodial insurance and military-grade security with its Nexo Wallet.


Nexo manages the assets of more than 4 million users and has processed more than $80 billion in 200-plus jurisdictions since 2018. To learn more about Nexo Ventures and apply for funding, visit nexo.io/ventures.




The Miami-based metaverse GameFi company XYZZY, powered by multinational blockchain technology conglomerate Decentralized Investment Group of Dubai, is bringing together the gaming and decentralized finance worlds through revolutionary blockchain technology. It is bridging the virtual and physical worlds to disrupt the P2E digital game ecosystem.

This article was first published on May 24th, 2022.
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