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In any RPG game, quests are (sets of) tasks which players have to complete in order to obtain items, level up your character, and advance the story. They also offer you various different ways to learn about and experience the diverse game world. 

In this article, we’re excited to walk you through the variety of quests available in Realms of Ethernity. But before that, let’s take a look at the Journal - a visual display of quest management, categorization and player’s completion progress inside Realms of Ethernity (RoE). 



In RoE, quests are represented and managed by the Journal [J] feature under the form of a research notebook.

 A Journal in Pathfinder: Kingmaker. This artwork is for illustrative purposes only.


This feature allows players to track their quests by form of selection. A quest that is marked as ‘tracking’ will display its objectives on the game screen. Some quests will display a navigation guideline on the game screen if the players possess the necessary Minor Skills (e.g: Tracking, Investigation, Navigation, etc.) 


With Main Quests and particular quests that influence the in-game world, players will receive some newspaper clippings or sketches before, during, and after completing or failing to complete the quest.


With Hidden and Secret Quests, players will not receive any instructions or objectives; instead, they will have to gather Clues and figure out the quest on their own. When a Clue is collected, there will be a notification on the main screen.


In the Journal, there is also a Press section. This section will automatically update with content from the in-game world's newspapers on the main events that take place on a worldwide scale. If a world-influencing event is initiated or concluded by a certain player, such change(s) will be reflected in the Press section as well as throughout the entire in-game world.


Now let’s hop to the focus of this article - the quests. We will be introducing various types of quests inside RoE, namely the Main Quests, Race Quests, Variant Quests, Class Quests, NPC/Guild Quests, Minor Quests, along with two other unique types: Limited Quests and Hidden Quests (with the related world explore discoveries).


Main Quests

Main Quest is the main public content of each released game version of RoE. Each release will be a Season, typically with 10 to 15 main quests.


RoE’s Main Quests can change the game world and directly affect the content of the next season, as well as the content that follows the storyline of the game. Their levels of difficulty vary, so players of any level can complete quests to some degree and earn corresponding rewards. That said, the quests that are the backbone of the main quest system in a season will be of maximum difficulty levels so that the players have to put extra effort into playing to explore or unfold the plot of the season.


Race Quests

Race Quests are a series of quests, each associated with a major race in RoE, that shed light on the distinct characteristics of each race's culture, beliefs, religions, politics, philosophy, and so on, thus helping players to deeply understand their chosen race. Such quests are set up once players finish creating their in-game character, and are involved with multiple featured dungeons, offering primarily single-player rewards. 


Race quests are of medium difficulty and will be unlocked according to players’ level. 


Variant quests

Variant Quests are similar to Race Quests but give much more details about the particular subrace players have chosen. They help players gain valuable insights into the abilities and strengths of their chosen subraces during the process of character development. Upon completing these quests, players will be rewarded with Variant bonus or Variant skills unique to each subrace.

It’s also important to note that the choice of variants may create specific details for Race Quests in the relationship between races and chosen subraces.


Class quests 

To advance to higher levels in a class (referring to profession), players will have to join and complete a series of Class Quests (of that particular profession).


E.g. To become a knight, players will need to reach a certain level in Swordsmanship skills. Afterwards, you have to join a knight organization and complete a quest given by that organization. Completing Class Quests will reward players with active skills representing the action style of each class. 


In addition to public organizations that are widely available and easy to join, there are also mysterious clans which are harder to approach. Depending on how you want to build your character, you can choose the organization whose quest system offers specific skills that help expand and upgrade your character’s skill set. 


In the game, each organization will offer from 10 to 13 fixed quests that come with rewards of specific skills and items. In addition, there will be non-fixed quests that appear randomly and allow players to reap large portions of gold coins or valuable materials.


Clan/Guild Quests

  • NPC Clans/Guilds

NPC clans, or guilds, are default in-game clans which serve as predetermined models for players in order to form their own clans later. You should pay attention to the relationship between these NPC clans as it will affect the quest content generated.  


E.g. As part of a quest, these clans may request you to defeat other players from hostile clans. The character(s) to be defeated may have the same level as you, and depending on the nature of the clan that you joined, it can be completed either as a legal challenge or an assassination. 

  • Player Clans/Guilds

Once the prerequisites are met, players can start their own clan or guild. Depending on the nation and/or territory, these clans can create their own quests that serve the interests of the landowner of the area they are living on. Clan owners also can upgrade the clan to expand the types of quest for their members, thus reaping more rewards. 


Minor Quests

These are standalone quests that have little to do with major storylines. They exist permanently in certain regions across all realms and can also link different regions to guide players’ exploration of the world. 


What’s more, Minor Quests are available in a more advanced form called Real Time Events, whose contents vary in accordance with what happens in real time, thus leading to different results. 


E.g. The quest system can generate a conflict between two NPCs hunting groups of two different races in area A. Players in the area can choose to support one group by attacking the other. This can initiate a PvP match between players present in the area. 


The difficulty levels of minor quests will vary depending on the land in which they exist. 


Limited Quests (USP)

Limited Quests are one of RoE's unique features, which publicly exist in the game in the form of rumors, legends, stories, and mysteries. Throughout their journey, players have plenty of opportunities to discover and unlock these unsolved tales. However, once a quest is completed, the associated story comes to an end and becomes a part of the 'history' of the game. Such quests are usually exclusive for the first person(s) who discovers and completes them.  


Regardless of how players complete it: once a limited quest is completed, players will be honored in the game history and granted valuable rewards of NFT assets.


Hidden Quests (USP)

Hidden Quests are limited quests that exist in the RoE world with little or no clues at all. In other words, players will have to discover, identify, and rack their brain to solve these quests as there will be no foreshadowing or specific guidelines. But fret not treasure hunters - the greater the effort, the sweeter the prize. The NFT rewards tied with these quests will be even more powerful and valuable than those of the normal limited quests. 

*A number of Hidden Quests will be featured in the alpha version. These quests require the player's exploration to discover. Moreover, players will have to make painful decisions if they want to complete such quests.


Explore world (USP)

Explore is a collection of mysterious discoveries updated in players’ Journal. These can come from hidden quests completed by the player himself or by others who have solved the quests then spread the word to the community. 


Explore world links systematic information about hidden elements that the players discover in order to unlock secret plots, species, great mysteries and the likes in the history of the Ether.


Pursuing these discoveries can lead players to high-value hidden quests and unlock hidden lands or secret dungeon caves tied with life-changing rewards. These rewards can be precious materials, lost recipes, or simply the discovery of the ancient Dwarves’ extinction, all of which may affect the game world. 


Such discoveries are jointly contributed by all RoE players through their respective Journals, with the discoverer's name being saved in the ongoing history of the RoE.


World Events System

In each season, World Events will be unlocked according to the players’ progress in completing the Main Quests and certain monumental Limited Quests. Once these Limited Quests are completed, the next Wolrld Event will take place and affect all players in the game.


Non-linear world

A nonlinear gameplay is well-known for its ability to give players freedom to complete quests in a number of different sequences (e.g, a choice between paths to victory, different types of victory, or optional side-quests and subplots). In the world of RoE, as world events unfold and players tackle them together, it will lead to different perspectives of RoE’s current history. 


E.g. A World Event is a war between two countries to compete for the city X, which takes place next month. During this time, there will be related quests available for players to pursue, such as: 

  • Help country A against country B. Create advantage for country A in the war.

  • Help country B against country A. Create advantage for country B in the war.

  • Prevent war and maintain the current status quo.



As mentioned at the beginning, Press is a section included in players’ Journal that feature automatic updates about the main events in the game world.


If an event affecting the world is initiated or concluded by a certain player, it will be updated in the Press as well as the entire game world. The game’s press then puts these events in chronological order of unlocking and the updated information is determined according to the choice of the majority of players. 


By releasing such information as world news, we hope to enrich the content of the game and help large groups of players quickly develop and identify their goals. 


Game season

Each direction in a game season must be chosen by the player from the beginning of the season and will comprise a specific series of Main Quests. Consequently, each direction will offer unique rewards, ensuring an exciting and memorable non-linear gameplay experience. After one month, the direction completed by most players will be officialized as the direction of RoE's history.


  • If country A gets more support, country A will be more likely to win the war. Some NPCs from country B that stay in city X would probably disappear as they die in war. The player guilds that are protected by country B in city X will lose their trading and mining advantages.

  • If players decide to prevent the war between two countries, the two countries (and their player-supporters) will instead unite to fight against the force(s) that is trying to instigate war.


While it is common to pick up the most convenient quests you encounter during your adventures, it helps to know what benefit each type of quest offers you. So we hope this simple breakdown helps you understand the quest system of RoE at a glance and that you can use the knowledge to plan your route from novice adventurer to the most renowned warrior of the Ether.  


*Disclaimer: All the information and terms given in the article is in development phase and may not be final in the official version of RoE.


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