Realms of Ethernity | The Four Magical Continents

Welcome, traveller! Have a drink, take a seat by the fire. Allow us to tell you a story about the Realms of Ethernity, a one-of-a-kind world in the burgeoning metaverse.

The Realms of Ethernity are divided into four unique, magical continents. Each of them is devoted to one of the quintessential elements. Because they haven’t been tampered with very much, their essence is still supple and malleable, waiting for ambitious men and women to shape it into colossal works of art and architecture. 


Scorchstone Realm

 Scorchstone Realm represents the element of Fire. The artwork is for illustrative purposes only.


Scorchstone realm is a land of dangerously high temperatures, volcanic stones, and unending wars spurred on by its elemental guardian, Rangan.  It is located in the southernmost part of Ethernity, mostly isolated from the rest of the world. To the northwest of Scorchstone lies the volcano Fulgrim, where Rangan reigns over the land. The extreme climate makes it impossible for plants to survive though some heat-resistant fungi and mosses can still be found in deep, sweltering caverns.


A civilization of humans with dark skin and muscular builds has inhabited the northeast of Scorchstone, and often clash with a race of Orcs in the southwest. These two civilizations fight fiercely at the foot of Fulgrim, spurring some of the most brutal battles Ethernity has ever seen - events that Rangan seems to enjoy, sometimes helping the army she considers to be the worthiest. 


From these ferocious battles, both races gain the fighting prowess necessary to defend Scorchstone from the prying eyes of neighboring continents. In times of need and at Rangan's call, the two sides temporarily cease fighting and cooperate to fight their mutual enemy.


Key features: Scorched land, harsh volcanic environments, tough and powerful races. Ruled by Rangan.


Rokuul Territories

 Rokuul Territories represent the element of Earth. The artwork is for illustrative purposes only.


The Rokuul Territories are a barren wasteland teeming with spiked hills and mountains that grow in tightly knit geological clusters. Kurtur’s home is the only continent that doesn’t host any civilized life, being even more desolate than the blazingly hot Scorchstone Realm. Rokuul is also the largest continent by far, possessing nearly double the landmass of the Lakelands, and triple that of the Floating East. The tallest peak in the world, Mt. Kassetar is surrounded by other smaller peaks that are nonetheless taller than the mountains of any other region. 


Located in the western part of the continent, a series of huge cavernous formations continuously emit toxic gases created by tectonic shifts, making the arid region of Rokuul even more arid.


The aridity, combined with a lack of necessary strategic values, makes Rokuul less visible to hostile forces and an ideal place for refugees and robber bands, provided they’re willing to accept the hardship that comes with it.   


Key features: Arid land, poisonous, deserted. Ruled by Kutur.


Floating East


 Floating East represents the element of Air. The artwork is for illustrative purposes only.


The Floating East (FE) is the smallest continent by landmass, although hundreds of very small flying isles are still unaccounted for even in the best estimates. The region consists of floating islands, hence the name, which vary greatly in size and composition: an island might be small and made mostly of quartz, while another could be large and lush. Navigation between the isles is complicated for beings incapable of flight, but some humans have nonetheless made this place their home. T Humans here travel by riding large flying creatures like wyverns and hot air balloons.


FE accumulates its enormous wealth and advanced technology by exploiting the advantage of its geostrategic location - being a trading gateway between three major continents. Steampunk structures and technology can be found in the central islands of FE, differentiating them from other continents.


The northernmost island is the largest, but half of it is permanently frozen solid; it is there that lays Happah’s mountain, which remains unnamed because it is yet to be observed by a species intelligent enough to bestow a name upon it - although a few humans live fairly close to it. The middle isle is fairly large, and is home to a mighty human kingdom – Stalzia, which controls the Elevator of Infinity, the only path for non-flyers to the Floating East. The southernmost island is mostly uninhabited, save one or two human towns. Rumors speak of a mystical forest in its south as well, with a large tree capable of granting incredible powers to those lucky enough to find it.


Key features: Floating islands, diverse in structures and the level of development. Ruled by Happah.


The Lakelands

 The Lakelands represent the element of Water. The artwork is for illustrative purposes only.


The Lakelands is a collection of islands, peninsulas, rivers, and lakes. This region is the most fertile in the world, with vegetation sprouting out of the earth almost effortlessly thanks to the surplus of nutrients brought about by its various rivers. In the Southwest of the continent lies the Turyl Mountains, where the lord of the country, Tuup, resides. That said, he doesn’t spend much time here but prefers to immerse himself in the countless aquatic bodies of the Lakelands.


There used to be two civilizations living in this continent - elves and dwarves, but the latter went extinct mysteriously. The elves' civilization remains, with their main settlements to the west of the Lakelands, and a few outposts to the east. These were built at the time when war with the dwarves was still a looming threat. Today, their threats are the mysterious creatures creeping around in their civilization’s ruins. 


Key features: Lakelands, interlaced rivers, ponds and lakes, rich aquatic ecosystem. Ruled by Tuup.


The Lakelands is set to be the first continent to appear on the Alpha launch of the RoE (to be released at the end of 2022). This version will feature a map of 10 square-mile, including playable characters of 6 races, a number of public quests and hidden quests, one town and two villages, NPCs, and some key features like fishing, harvesting, mining, crafting, selling, destiny, and land ownership. 


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